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If you are looking for exciting inspiration, activity and yet the peace of a balanced landscape, then book an apartment with us in Bagenkop in Denmark. Bagenkop is particularly suitable for families with children. Our accommodations have many advantages over the couchsurfing in Bagenkop, as they usually have gardens and, of course, much more space. Bagenkop is located on the island of Langeland and can be easily reached by car via road 9. On Langeland the maximum distance to the beach is only three kilometres. And there are even said to be hikers who circumnavigated the whole island on foot – a 140-kilometre march. Bagenkop itself has only about 600 inhabitants, but is famous for its harbour, especially among leisure sailors. In July there is a harbour festival in Bagenkop: The ship suspended in the local church is then carried through the city. A very fine white sandy beach is close to the harbour of Bagenkop. The beach of Rudkøbing, called Bellevue, is also famous. Here you can refresh yourself after a cool swim in the old wooden swimming pool. Sandy bays and sections are replaced by rocky bays. Apnoea diving enthusiasts are more attracted to Århus, where the indoor world championships took place in 2009. "You can also book Apartments in Århus with us. Also the Dovns Klint, a picturesque stretch of coast, which is especially worth seeing because of the many birds, attracts many residents of apartments in Bagenkop.

An apartment in Bagenkop offers many leisure activities

The rocky sections are particularly popular with anglers. Fishing licences are compulsory here, but can be purchased at the post office without any problems. Flatfish and cod can be caught here, but sea trout also bite from time to time. At Spodsbjerg and Tryggelev there is also the possibility to fish “put and take”. And while some enjoy fishing, others hike or take a bicycle tour. On the way, one sometimes passes some small self-service stalls where one gets everything from toilet paper to fruits. The money for this is simply put into a preserving jar provided. Between the megalithic graves you will find stone age dwellings and sleeping places and explore mystical hoof hills. If you’ve seen enough of nature, a golf course built in 2008 near Tryggelev will tempt you. Children’s golf clubs are also available here. From here you also have a fantastic view of the Langeland Belt, Fredmosen and the church of Magleby. Riders can rent a horse at Tranekǣr and Rudkøbing. There are also courses in making jewellery from natural materials in Rudkøbing.

Your private accommodation in Bagenkop: Denmark pure

Bagenkop offers you Danish landscape in its purest form – with pretty farmhouses, ancient history and cultivated landscape. In addition, there are first-class beaches and many playgrounds for children. Book an apartment with us in Bagenkop so you don’t miss any of it. And if you want to discover more of Denmark or Scandinavia: We also have Apartments in Bogense, Apartments in Malmö and Accommodations in Copenhagen on.

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