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Reviews for Monica's places

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    H M.

    3.0 stars


    Good location and comfort- Manhattan

    The area is,yes, Upper Manhattan but way way up at the top end. Once you get used to the area it is def easy to get on the A train and get to most places you want to go to fairly quickly. It would be really helpful if there was some sort of written local guide/info for various things for out of towners - e.g. ... getting a card for a week rather than a daily ticket for the metro? Little pointers for supermarkets etc ( we were told some things upon arrival- it would be helpful) There is no getting away from it - arriving at the apartment building was a little shocking as it does not look especially inviting - then a lift to the 32nd floor, however once in apartment its very pleasant. The area is mostly Spanish speaking. We were the only white people in the building and the area, I say this only because we were a little out of place and people stared. There were a few missing essentials - Mugs for coffee/an Iron Having said all of this we enjoyed staying there and would go back ....

  • Small

    katharina h.

    4.0 stars


    Acogedora habitacion cerca Downtown-Miami

    richtig schöne Ausstattung, perfekt zum Wohlfühlen. Hätte nicht besser sein können!

Reviews for Monica as a host

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