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    Randy 5.0 23/09/2014

    Rene and Sien were terrific. Not very bright, though. They travel thousands and thousand of miles and stay in LA (and my wonderful home) for only two nights. Only two nights???? In Los Angeles???? Are you kidding me???? Los Angeles is the same size as Europe it seems. Maybe bigger. We could fit Belgium in The Valley with quite a bit of room to spare. Two nights???? The great news is they are absolutely fabulous people and we enjoyed every minute together. I could go on and on about how wonderful and enthusiastic they are. How friendly. They took great care of my house. You won't find bettter guests. But two nights??? I get these magnificent guests and only get to know them for a couple of days. It hardly seems fair. I feel cheated. Therefore, I am planning an invasion of Belgium to see them again. It only seems fair. Thanks to both of you for a wonderful, but all to brief time together. -Randy

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