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Ville Berlin
Âge 35 ans
Travail Start-up entrepreneur - Geschäftsführer

A propos de Sebastian

Sebastian During his interdisciplinary Technology and business oriented management studies at the elite University of Technology Munich, which he completed in 2010, and through his professional experiences at Siemens, the UN and in the New Economy in Munich, Rome and Berlin, Sebastian collected experience in human resources, organisation, strategy and SEO. From 2011, aside to his philosophy studies, he focused himself to expand his music and dance network in Berlin, where he met Michael Pattison. Together they developed the concept of Fusion Factory in 2015.

Evaluation sur les logements de Sebastian

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    Lydia 09/07/2017

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Evaluation pour Sebastian en tant qu'hôte

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    Lydia 3.0 09/07/2017

    Sebastian cancelled a booking for Fusion Loft only 0 days before arrival.

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