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Über Peter

I am a physiotherapist working in Bristol and i am the director of Grange physio. I restored the house in Florac between 2005-2009 with the help of many neighbors and friends both in the UK and Florac. The basement was originally occupied by animal and still had the straw and troughs in place when we got it, although the house had not been occupied since the 1950′s (newspapers found with dates). We left the chains in the basement bedroom which orginally would of tied up the cows. When we first arrived we cleared a room to sleep in and start renovating it but the floors had fallen through and the stairs all dropped 2 ft on one side so it was tricky! We took 1000′s of bags of rubble out as the floors where hardcore and mud laid on big beams butted up together. The weight of the floors were too much for the beams hence the collapse of the structure inside. Most of the beams were fine due to the quality of the wood which was a relief as they are all hand chopped and look great. The house has been rented out for a number years and people love it.

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