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Über Peter

My Mum and I share our house - my Mum is a very active 82 year old who works in my restaurant every day, is a keen gardener, bridge player and bowler. I am a pharmacist who also owns a restaurant - I will be studying full-time on 2011 to gain my MBA - it is time for a change of direction. My partner is Thai but her work keeps her away from home most of the time. I have lived overseas for a lot of my adult life and have travelled widely - mainly in the South Pacific, Asian and the US - we also have a home in Thailand I have recently retired from being an elected member of our District Health Board which provides all health services to about 300,000 people and has an annual budget of about $1bn I am a keen golfer when time permits, a masters rower and enjoy a good game of poker I am also qualified as teacher of English as a second language I am a keen cook and love to cook for my guests We have one very friendly cat - pure bred Burmese - she is called Tohu

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