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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt Santa Clara
Beruf Software Engineer

Über Paul

I was born in Poland, but moved to the U.S. when I was three years old. I grew up in Chicago, went to MIT for college, lived in Montreal for a while after my time in Boston, then moved to California in the 80's. I lived in the Los Angeles area for about ten years, then moved up to the Bay Area and have been here for over twenty years. I'm an avid cyclist, runner, hiker, adventurer, skier, and kayaker. I enjoy going on long backpacking trips in the mountains, especially in the winter, when I'm able to backcountry skiing and snow camping. I joined 9flats because I've read so many great things about the community and would love to open my home in this beautiful part of the country to a international guests!

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