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Stadt Montréal
Alter 50 Jahre
Beruf Massage Therapist

Über Olga

Hi, my name is Olga! I live in a house with my daughter Valéry. She's a 21 year-old student and I'm a certified massage therapist. We are a peaceful and loving family who look forward to meeting new people and sharing some moments! We are both Russian, but we also speak French and English. My daughter lives in the basement, I live on the main floor and we usually rent out 2 to 3 rooms upstairs, on the second floor, with its own living room and bathrooms. We are very calm people and are looking for tenants that value serenity! P.S.: If you wish to have a professional massage (Swedish or Deep Tissue) done during your stay, the rate is of 65.00$/an hour. I also offer discounts for guests that are students - let me know if you're interested!