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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt Istanbul
Alter 31 Jahre

Über Mustafa

Hello I am Mustafa from Istanbul for six generations. I born here, and have been living here since 26 years. I am an experienced airbnb host. I manage two properties with pleasure more than 2 years and I have a daily job. I do like to meeting and talking with my guests who come from all over the world. Thanks to being a host, I made many new friends from all around the world.I try to give my guests the benefit of my Istanbul knowledge since I know all corners and all hidden beauties in Istanbul. I am quite open minded, relax looking but very disciplined and energetic person. It's said that I am very good friend of everybody. I am a humanist maybe:-) I am interested in world, all countries, and all different cultures. I believe that ''Difference is difference, but it what makes people quite different'' I don't know why but, I like to travel and discover new cities. I like to travel and know new cultures, new places. That's why, I like to open my doors and host travelers comes from all around the world. I am looking for an international business experience or I am planning to start-up my own small company soon.

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