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Mischa Gerhard


Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt Itzehoe
Alter 48 Jahre
Beruf Tourist

Über Mischa Gerhard

Hello Guys, I´m an older german guy, who has been living for years in Poland. I met my woman there and than we married in germany. Now I have a lot of apartments and smaller houses in Poland, which will be for you! If you want to meet me in person, there is also a possibility :) Every two weeks I´m coming to Poland and having a stay in Gdansk. I speak very good polish, native speaker German and a little bit English, but i think, that it is still enough to communicate with You and speak about some business or some other things you are interessted in. Acutally I´m 44 years old and living in Itzehoe, a small village in Germany. I´m interessted in tourist and adventures, and not to forget, I love animals! If you have an animal and want to stay with your friend in one of my location, no problem, we can manage it all. Are you interessted and want to know some more details about me or my places?! Just contact me, and I promise you to answer as fast as I can.

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