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Über Matthias

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Bewertungen für den Gast Matthias

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    Sofia 5.0 29.05.2014

    Matthias was a wonderful guest, with a warming smile and a great sense of humour. It was really a pleasure meeting them all in Lisboa and being able to share a little bit of my passion for this city. The apartment was impeccable in the end. Obrigada! You will always be welcome here.

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    Caroline 5.0 22.04.2013

    Matthias and his friends or family have been so great that it has been a real pleasure to find the flat so clean, so perfect, sa welcoming..
    I certainly dream of receiving so nice guests and next time hopefully meet them ! Thank you so much..

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    Karsten 5.0 17.07.2011

    Angenehme und unkomplizierte Gäste!
    Sehr gerne wieder!

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