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Über Lida

Hi there! I'm Lida and I live in Boston, USA. I was born in France, grew up in Greece, went to college in France (with a short stay in Germany) and currently work as a researcher in biology at Harvard University. I have lived in different places for many years mainly because of the nature of my work, but also because I enjoy to discover new and different cultures. I am not originally form the island of Tinos, but I discovered it together with my parents more than a decade ago when we were looking for a house to buy in the Cyclades. We started to visit Tinos more and more because we actually fell in love (I'm not kidding) with this island. It's a place where people are authentic and kind, culture thrives, the food is amazing and pure, the beaches are extraordinary... Since we renovated the house I have spent every summer vacation there together with my family and friends. I love this island so much that I got married there almost two years ago. Now my husband and I return every summer. In this perspective we decided to open our house to other people who are kind and appreciate beauty and quality of life as much as we do.

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