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    Barbara 5.0 11.07.2016

    Mr. Karl- Heinz it's not true what you have said and you are not in a suite of 5 stars hotel, because you have paid 37euros in the high season of summer that ' s nothing because you have stay in the heart of the historic city center of Faro, this you do not say close to everything, 5 minutes of restaurants and transports. Really you are not a client to come to private homes because you and your wife don't have communication and no interaction with the hosts. You never gIve a reply to my messages and never show interest in communicate with me all the time. In fact I know that you have open the furniture without my permission even in the bathroom Don't you no this is a private house.This it's a bad attitude of you and your wife.My house it's brand new it'sa Portuguese house completely renovated and the room HAVE a window it's not to the street but you have a Window don't LIE.eThe breakfast it's an offer its not a buffet in a hotel mine 37€for a big double bed you don't deserve credit

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