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Joy and Joerg


Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt Chiang Mai
Beruf organic inspector (certification)

Über Joy and Joerg

JOY: Born in Lampang, Northern Thailand - studied in Chiang Mai University and stayed on to work on environmental, alternative agriculture and consumer rights issues with local and International Organizations. JOERG: German National, came to Chiang Mai in 1994 through work with the German Development Service. Through his work he met Joy. In 2003 he decided to look for the perfect place to settle more permanently - something tranquil with a view and still close to the city. Together with Joy he found exactly that place. Together we run our activities as consultants and Inspection services for Organic Agriculture products in South-East Asia for an International Certification Body (CERES-Cert). AKIN and BEN: While day of posting 11 and 12 years old are part of your hosting team and are put "in charge" of "pool maintenance" and "delivery services". Additional there are Grandmother ("YaiYai") and Auntie June living with us and are essential for our "guest care program". We are living nearby on the neighboring compound to the 2 Villas and will give our best to ensure your comfort and convenience without intruding your privacy

Joy and Joerg's Unterkünfte

Ping Pool Villa 1
ab $549 pro Nacht
Ping Pool Villa 2
ab $338 pro Nacht
2 Ping Pool Villas combined - 10BR
ab $822 pro Nacht
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