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Als Freund hinzufügen
Stadt New Orleans
Alter 45 Jahre
Beruf Owner of Blue60 Guest House

Über Joshua

Welcome to my Guest House! My name is Joshua. I'm a 42 year old Documentary photographer from San Francisco. I've spent most of my life teaching photo workshops in Europe, photographing for non-profit organizations, and working on my own documentary projects. I have recently moved to New Orleans to persue my dream of owning and managing a Guest House. After searching for two years, I purchased the (formally) Elysian Guest House and changed the name to the "Blue 60 Guet House", or more commonly known, the "Blue Hour". The Blue Hour refers to the time of day after the sun has set (or before it rises) and before the sky turns black. It's when the sky is a deep inky blue and is my favorite time of the day to photograph. Choosing this as a name is my way of incorporating photography with the Guest House in New Orleans. The Blue60 provides comfort and tranquility within the heart of New Orleans, but is just minutes from most of the major attractions that gives this city such a unique flair for life. I see this new chapter as integrating photography with my desire to share a space to all who are seeking a unique "off the tour bus" experience. I Look forward to hosting your next trip to new Orleans! -Joshua

Joshua's Unterkünfte

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