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Stadt New York
Alter -1 Jahre
Beruf PhD Student

Über John

Hi! In my day-job, I'm a graduate student of modern Chinese history specializing in war and politics, but when I'm not in the library, an archive, or the classroom, I enjoy reading fiction, writing, finding a way to put miso or gochujang in everything I learn to cook, and catching up on pop culture gossip. I used to work in magazines, so I'm a steady media-devourer. I have lived for extended periods all over (China, Japan, Korea, France, Senegal), so I'm a relatively seasoned traveler who is alert to the feelings and needs of my hosts (I have lived with host families in China and Japan). I'm always attentive when it comes to cleaning and tidiness, since that's how I would like my home to be treated. When traveling, I'm more interested in learning and experiencing the way people live in a place than "seeing the sights," but if there happens to be a sight that's really appealing, I'll brave the crowds, lines, and high costs. Mostly, though, I want to see how people live their lives in other places, even if it's something as mundane as etiquette on public transit. I want hosts to trust me, and I invite my hosts to learn everything they need to know through whatever means are easiest for them (Skype, phone, email, etc.) Hope our paths cross someday!

Bewertungen für den Gast John

  • Marita 5.0 24.08.2016

    nice and friendly clean quite men can come back again :)

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