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Über Ivana

I have lived in Prague for past 3 years. Originally I come from Slovakia but I like travelling, exploring and getting to know new things and people so I lived in several other countries including USA, Denmark and France. I am not a direct owner of the apartment. The company I work for owns several real estates, which I am responsible for. We decided to rent this one via 9flats because I like this concept and we can give many people an opportunity of home-like environment while exploring one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I have stayed in private apartments myself in a past and I believe it can be much more comfortable than a hotel. My personal interests are family, friends, music and movies respectively. My favorite saying is: "it doesn't matter where you are but with whom you are". Regarding the music, I proudly call myself a rock girl and the best movies are the ones that make me think and get stuck in my head for days.

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