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Über Ilse

My name is Ilse Venter and I live in Centurion, South Africa. I am a graphic designer and I have my own little graphic design studio here in Centurion called Jabulani Design Studio. We specialise in Web design and this is my passion. Design and web development is my passion although I also enjoy my sportscars and love looking at bikes in the Bike Magazines bikes. Don't have a Harley as yet. I stay in the Reeds, Centurion, with my friend Annelize and we have a lot of pets. (Just like the local SPCA at our house). Playing Mom to the pets is also my favourite pastime. I especially adore the Corgi's, Collies and the kittens. Centurion is close to Pretoria and Johannesburg if you would like to attend the World Cup Soccer. We have decided to rent out our entire house for the World Cup.. We will stay at my parents close by and just check in daily to feed the pets who will be staying. 3 Cats and and 2 doggies. The rest is going to Grandma and Grandpa. My house has good security, parking and DSTV for those who would like to watch the other games on tv. Looking forward to accommodating you and your family or friends at my house. May you enjoy the Soccer World Cup 2010.

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