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Stadt Verona, Italy
Alter 33 Jahre
Beruf real estate consultant

Über Balazs

I'm a young guy, and I'm happy to welcome you there, to feel you at home, as I feel me at home in my adoptive cities as well.. :) obviously I do not own alone all this nice units, otherwise I'll be not here online wasting my time with you, but more probably in a swimming pool with some model-girl drinking some champagne! :) but not all this properties are mine ( I clarify just for the fiscal controls office :) , so I still need to work hard, and with pleasure, for your satisfaction. I'm also a real-estate consultant, so I convinced several friends to invest in properties that I'm glad to manage for them, and to offer to You. I'm the most happy guy in the World, welcoming you in amazing places where I'm such lucky to live: MALTA, CROATIA, SARDINIA, VERONA, BUDAPEST!\ see You soon! :)