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Ayana & Cris


Stadt Sal Rei, Boa Vista

Über Ayana & Cris

Ayana: I am the daughter of Cape Verdean mother and Belgian father and I live in Boa Vista since I was 6 years. I studied in São Paulo in Brazil for 5 years. I always worked with tourism because my parents have here a guesthouse. Cristiano: I'm Cris, I'm Italian but I live in Boa Vista since 2002, I'm the owner of one guesthouse in the town. I like surfing and play chess! We are married and have two daughters, one with 10 year old and the other with 3 year old. Together we start this scatered hotel "BookingBoavista" with the intention to propose the most beautiful front-beach apartments on the island. We try to offer our guests what we like to find when we travel.