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Adrian Cantillo


Stadt San Juan - Puerto Rico
Beruf Adrián Cantillo-Ruiz, CEO, CMO - International Vacation Rental

Über Adrian Cantillo

Cuban residing in Puerto Rico since 2000. With over 10 years of experience in the industry tourists "Vacation Rental". Possess extensive knowledge and proficiency in the travel, transportation and hospitality experience and booking systems, management and marketing, consulting and analytical trips. I decided to run my small business independently and count on the patronage of those travelers looking for a place to stay whether for study, business or pleasure. My Vision: Convert my company a leader in the vacation rental with properties available worldwide and be recognized as a global brand. My Mission: Build strong relationships worldwide by delivering travel experiences with a global perspective. My Values : I believe in values such good treatment, discipline, pro-activity, responsibility, ethics, appreciation, tolerance and open culture. Trust and Respect: Trust and respect for all people related to me is the cornerstone in my company. Service Excellence: I am committed to exceptional customer service. Integrity and Transparency: assure an honest and transparent business conduct. Experience: I am continually striving for perfection in every aspect of business resulting from my experience in the field. Support me !!!!