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К сожалению, нам не удалось найти это место на карте

О Paul

Этот пользователь ещё не добавил информацию о себе

Оценки гостя Paul

  • Small
    Georg 5.0 06/20/2015

    Paul, a really likeable guy...
    my pleasure!

  • Small
    Attila 5.0 05/27/2015

    Paul was an excellent guest and a good friend. He came from Texas, we have found lot's of common topics, so we could know each other better. He collects interesting badges, he had a lot on his bagpack from several countries. I was happy to give him a special Hungarian badge. He washed all of bedcloths and towels, before he left.I would be happy to see him again, but I know Texas is very-very long away from Budapest.

  • Small
    Vlad 5.0 11/16/2013

    Paul was a friendly guest and the entire communication with him was without any problem.

  • Small
    Theresa 5.0 10/02/2013

    Dear Paul
    i hope you had a great time in Munich and felt comfortable in my little home. sadly we never met but my mother was happy and everything was absolutely fine.
    Thank you for beeing such a nice guest.
    Best wishes

  • Small
    Sidney 5.0 07/28/2013

    Lovely people. They are always welcome here :o)

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