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О Nicole

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Оценки гостя Nicole

  • Randy 5.0 11/18/2014

    Nicole and her friend Julia were truly spectacular guests. Just spectacular. They stayed with me for four week including Halloween. I had such fun with them in my house (we had such fun together), that I jokingly nicknamed them my "two new girlfriends". (I even introduced themm at Nicole's also joking suggestion, to my mother! :-) We had a big BBQ in honor of Nicole's latest 29th birthday and fed her pumpkin pie because it is November in LA, close to Thanksgiving, and she had never had it before.

    So when I say they were truly spectacular guests, I mean they were TRULY SPECTACULAR GUESTS. And when I say we had a truly spectacular time together, believe me I mean we had a TRULY SPECTACULAR TIME together. I miss them already. Goodbye, girls. I will see you next Halloween and you are certainly invited to stay through Thanksgiving if not Christmas, New Year's, my birthday, Julia's birthday, howeverlong you wish. In the meantime, I will miss you both and wish you all the best.

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