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Ciudad Escalona, Huesca
Ocupación Butcher

Info de Modesto

Hi! My name is Modesto and I'm native of the Sobarbe Kingdom, I'll tell you a little about myself and my family, consisting of my wife, Gemma, our little children (no longer) Tite, Luke and Manu and myself We were born and we were raised in these beautiful mountains and has always fascinated us our region, its natural wealth and, above all, its people. We run a family business that has been open to the public since 1920, Butcher Modesto, and since 2011 we ventured together as a family in an exciting project, holiday cottages Casas Pirineo. But ... why? why so suddenly? Let me tell you a little story .. Once upon a time .... a picturesque village with stone cottages among majestic mountains. At the foot of this small town a magical swamp, in their tears waters of sorrow, we are talking about Gerbe, a village in Fable. Gerbe, until the 60's was a bustling village dedicated to agriculture and livestock as tell us its streets, but emigration and the construction of a dam caused that many of the houses were abandoned and those houses, without care, were collapsing without any remedy. In this sweet villa, a mansion built in the sixteenth century towered over the rest of the ruins. Unfortunately, and like most of the houses, she was abandoned. The pass of the years didn't forget her, leaving serious injuries on her; but the house still had his pride intact, struggling not disappear. This struggle captivated a family, who understood the message sent from the home and summarizing their lives, 'the family and the happiness of his people, the value of small things', so they decided to rehabilitate the tale house, transmitting thus his message to the world. And so, and after many years of effort Casas Pirineo opens, with the intention that every visitor who enters this castle be able to reminisce and venture in that fantasy world.

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