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Hi! I am a working professional in central London. I am a jazz music enthusiast, hence, I play the saxaphone. I have tried other instruments in the past such as trombone, french horn, drums, base guitar, and can play some piano chords! I love gospel music too, and a little classical. Apart from that, I am a budding property developer. I am very into clean modern look apartments! However, I studied Project Management at University; I guess that's where my strength really lies...I am the project guru. I love things in order, tidy and to precise timing! Unfortunately, I do not read books that much, but I daily gain a lot of life tips from The Bible. Yearly, I take a retreat to Wales. Its serene and calm. I love to reflect there. I'm more of a film geek than a theatre goer, but I have been to see a few good shows, one i loved was Lion King. I love travelling, especially on adventure trips, and have been about 60cm away from a Lion in Durban, South Africa. I recently got married, so I am on a new adventure for the rest of the life! As for my favourite food, I will eat anything apart from Olives! I would love to have you as a guest. I work in central London, and if I get the chance, I can take you around. However, I can definately give you as much advice, from the places to go to the quickest and cheapest routes on London transport. I will make sure you are comfortable and happy, because that is how I expect to be treated as a guest at your place. Any questions, please feel very free to ask me.

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