• No smoking in the apartment

• You are going to be staying in an apartment building and NOT a hostel or a hotel. In order to respect others in the apartment and neighbors that live in the building NOISE AFTER MIDNIGHT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

• Think of your fellow guests so CLEAN THE BATHROOM after use and don't spend too long in the shower. You don't need that much time, you’re already beautiful! ! !

• For your own security, make sure the entrance to the apartment is properly closed.

• No drinking & eating in your room, that’s what the kitchen & common area are for!

• You cannot bring your guests unless you ask for permission to do so.


• Your Mommy is not here to clean up after you so clean, DRY and PUT AWAY all your dishes and cooking surfaces after eating (and no we are not your mother so we will not do it for you)