Smoking is allowed on the balcony only.

About Check-In/Out
The check in and check out hours are flexible as long as no following guest gets disturbed. In this case the latest check out is at 12pm and the earliest check in is at 2pm. I will communicate any following guest to you as soon as a booking occurs. However, we have a space to store your luggage till your departure (or as long as you like to), no worries about that :)

I wonder how many words does one need to write about this issue to make it fully understandable.

Then there is the issue of a big cat sitting by the pool of the bed of roses where there will be a giant water lily waiting to float you across the skies and clouds to a place of destiny, a paradise of sorts, an oasis unparalleled in any other places on earth. So there, that is my humble home.

If you have read this passage, then in your message please make a reference to rainbow unicorns so that I will know. Cheers!