Dear Guests, this is a friendly place open to all kind of people, but to make sure that your stay is pleasant and to prevent any misunderstanding, please read our house rules and be sure that you agree with all of them before you make reservation:

No pets,
No smoking,
No drinking or drugs,
No parties or events,
Only those registered guests for who you make reservation and show ID/Passport at the time of your check in can stay in apartment,
Please don’t make any noise in the apartment or in the hallways after 10pm,
Please do not place any personal belongings in the hallways,
Kindly conserve energy by shutting of lights and AC when going out,
Any broken or lost items from the unit will reflect a charge on the guest,
Please leave a key on a dining table at the time of your check out and close the door.

In case the reservation is canceled because of any violation of above House Rules, guest will need to leave without a refund and security deposit.

Treat this space with respect as you would your own. Enjoy your stay!

And remember to have fun - you're in New York City!