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City Bali
Occupation Assisting small family and FairTrade business in Bali

About suzan

I started traveling when I was age 3. My father studied European art and we lived in Spain, Morocco and England. I returned home, 6 years later, a very wide eyed, open-minded, young girl who engaged herself in learning and sharing that found outside the classroom. I especially enjoyed learning from the First Nations People how to be one with the land. After graduation, I knew I wanted to continue traveling and studied Hospitality and Tourism and secured a management position providing me with managerial skills and an income to save for future travels abroad. Time to explore, and I set out seeking volunteer and paid positions around the world. Examples are: - Gourmet chef/crew on a luxury 82' sailboat where I was American actor, Robert Dinero's personal cook! I learned from the local market ladies how to cook the market vegetables and fish. - NGO restaurant adviser on a small Caribbean Island where I enjoyed sampling lobster with the chef and engaging with the staff on how to better "serve". Quite the eye opener. - Assisted the Young Farmers in three separate sheep farms in lovely Wales, UK. Learning how to shear sheep and herd them through the countryside with the Sheep dogs was a highlight. - First teaching job in Hokkaido, Japan. Canadian Studies and English Conversation to college and community members and, they taught me, the only foreigner in town, how to plant rice, wear a kimono, make black ink drawings, and perform the Ocha (green tea)ceremony... oh and how to have a wonderful bath at the mountain sulfur onsens/spa. My weekly treat! Today, I have explored a total of 68 and 1/2 (North Korea...) countries, and, I can't stop. I tell my students, a university ESL conversation professor for the last 15 years, "my "job" is traveling and I work to pay for my job!" When asked "Which is your most favorite place you have traveled to?" I replied with great insight, India. India, a country full of vast diversities, changed my life. It opened and challenged my mind and body; stimulated my six senses like no other experience in the past. Alternative lifestyle, mind and dream has brought me here to Bali where I felt a sense of home ever since I studied about "the Ring of Fire" in middle school and my finger was drawn to this tiny equatorial island on my well worn map. Now semi-retired, I'm closely learning from the locals, their ancient lifestyle preserved by their unique combination of spirit and community belief. Enjoying sharing this knowledge with the world as we can all learn from each other to assist in the betterment of all environments. This is my passion. Nice to find like minded people to share this passion. Suzan

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