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City Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Occupation nanny

About Jennifer

- Early 30s Female - Work Full Time as a Nanny + Own my Own Babysitting Business (if you want, I can happily provide you with babysitting jobs) - No pets/No drugs/No live-in boyfriend - Responsible - Comfortable with clutter. Not comfortable with dirt. There are things in places, but none of those are germy, rotting, trash-which-should-be-in-the-trash-can, spills, or stains. To be honest, I cannot stand someone who leaves around trash and germy yuck. I hope the distinction is clear, however strict minimalists who are greatly disturbed by seeing items on surfaces might do best to find a different living arrangement. - Good assertive communicator who says what she means and means only what she has said (and not anything else). I have little tolerance for passive-aggressive communicators or those who try to hide their message inside self-esteem cushioning verbiage. I don't need my feelings protected and tend to miss the point. :) I appreciate quiet in the house. Prefer to party away from home. Try never to leave a mess. Avid member of CouchSurfing (I am the ambassador for Chapel Hill, for that matter). Great socializer and networker (out of the house). Gaining quite the reputation on AirBNB as well. I like having people in my home. Doesn't feel like a home without people.

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