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About Faheem

I've got a PhD in Statistics from the University in North Carolina. My other two degrees are a BA in Math from the University of Cambridge, and a MSc in Math from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I've spent much of my life in various academic institutions. As you can see, my background is mathematical, but I also do a lot of stuff with computers, mostly at the software end. I tend to program in Python. My preferred operating system is Debian. I'm somewhat active on the Stack Exchange Q/A network. I've lived in the US and the UK for awhile. My favorite location is probably NC's Triangle. I like to dance, but locally opportunities are limited. Preferred dance: West Coast Swing. I also do yoga. A random selection of books I like: Nineteen Eighty Four, The Way of All Flesh, most things by David Lodge. Favorite writers include George Orwell, HG Wells, and Noam Chomsky. Music: Baroque choral music, particularly Bach. Also, in no particular order, Schubert, Handel, Schubert, Mozart, and Sibelius. As a host I'll be mostly hands off. I'll assume you want to be left alone, unless you indicated otherwise. If you want anything, just ask. I'll be handing out surveys to find how I can improve the guest experience. Answer them and help me improve.

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