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Şehir Miami, Florida

Hakkında Stelios

Stelios kullanıcısının mekanları hakkındaki yorumlar

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    Mohamed 2.0 15.06.2014

    The place is a wreck, one of the dirtiest places I have had the chance to be in. A preview: Cockroach infested, rotting food in the fridge, stains on the bed linen.

    Firstly, looking at the pictures of this place makes it seem rather decent, and it was - for the most part. The apartment definitely has a rather peculiar design to it, which I really enjoyed, but the pictures make it look much nicer than it actually is. In addition, there is a funky smell in the whole apartment that I could not get rid of no matter what I did.

    Second, the plumbing in the place is an absolute horror. There is no way anybody can flush down their feces, due to the fact that the toilet is just too small. Also, there is no dryer or anything to dry your clothes, so good luck using chairs provided outside on the veranda to dry up the dirty bed linen provided.

    Lastly, the neighbourhood is a wreck. Sure, it's close to Monastiraki and some cool places but it is definitely not worth the amount spent.

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Stelios kullanıcısının ev sahipliği hakkındaki yorumlar

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    Mohamed 2.0 15.06.2014

    My host was not there to even receive me. He was out of town and had his friend (who lives upstairs) give me the keys, drop me off, and leave me be after a brief tour.

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