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Şehir Magdeburg

Hakkında Saskia

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Saskia kullanıcısının konukluğu hakkındaki yorumlar

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    Lennard 5.0 25.08.2014

    Saskia and her friend were staying at my place for 3 nights.
    They were well prepared in their organisation to make sure everything went on time. They called when they booked, one day before they left their own home and as I asked them myself, 1 hour before their arrival.
    Unfortunately that phone call was followed by 2 more because on their last part of the trip they got stuck in two traffic jams.

    They are two friendly people who are easy to talk to in German.
    After having their breakfast here, they left to explore the city and to come back some time in the afternoon. A little later they allready went out again for dinner and I have never heard them coming home when I was allready a sleep.

    They were respectfull in the house and nicely cleaned up after them selfes.
    After they left, the room looked clean and tidy and I would not hesitate to accept them as guests again. I can recommend them to other hosts.
    Thank you for staying!!

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