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    John 5.0 04.09.2016

    We are proud and happy that we can share our home with the world part. For us, the meaning of life is very short, but to know that through love and peace, we bind stronger and together we make a modern future - is truly a privilege for mankind. A modern life migration has occurred. From the day when everyone puts housing shares with others, he changed the legality of restrictions and prohibitions. A modern and peaceful society does not need applied law and regulation. They need respect, understanding, compassion, respect, love and peace. If we humans are willing to share and to give, then we certainly have secured global peace. We share what we have, namely a piece of hope to the world and hope that this message is positive understood. For HOME SHARING is an important contribution to international understanding and international exchange. We met a great family called SALVATORE and love this family on first encounter. The spouses do not come because of us, but this fellow people want...

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