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Meslek medical student

Hakkında RIHAB

Hello I am Rihab, 26, doing my PhD at the Medical School, Newcastle University, United Kingdom. I live in Fenham, Newcastle with another researcher from Newcastle University. We are both Marie Curie Research Fellows involved in a research project called ‘Celleurope’ since 2013 and I am approaching the third year of my studies. I am planning to visit Seattle to engage in some research training at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center for 6 weeks from the 5th of September till the 17th of August, learning research techniques that will hopefully improve the quality of my thesis. I have been invited there by Professor Edus Warren who is an expert in the field of bone marrow transplant, which is the field I am also focused on. I don't drink nor smoke, I am a quiet person and I like to meet new people. I hope you will consider me for the room as I am very excited about my trip to Seattle. Many thanks. ”

RIHAB kullanıcısının konukluğu hakkındaki yorumlar

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    Nora J 2.0 20.10.2015

    I can recommend Rihab as a short-term guest, but not so much as a long-term one. She stayed with me for 6 weeks. At first, she was very friendly and considerate, but as the weeks passed, she started to complain about many things, to consistently leave a lot of mess in the bathroom, and to ignore house policies even after being reminded. In the last week, she bleach-stained the sheets and quilt on her bed, damaging them permanently, and left without telling me about it.

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