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Arkadaş olarak ekle
Şehir Vienna
Yaş 50 yaş
Meslek Entrepreneur

Hakkında Richard

Hello, I am the owner of Zymed GmbH and Demurez GmbH, both located in Vienna. For those I need to travel a lot and in most cases I prefer private apartments. best Richard

Richard kullanıcısının konukluğu hakkındaki yorumlar

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    Marek 5.0 22.07.2015

    Richard was a great visitor to welcome in my apartment. Not only we didn’t have any misunderstandings during his stay in Kraków but we also get on very well. Richard appeared as a well organized and extremely polite person which is always pleased to have a quick chat and didn’t cause any problems or damages during his stay in my place. I would strongly recommend Richard as a reliable and easygoing quest and if one day he will came back to Kraków I will surely welcome him again in my apartment

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