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Şehir Blumenau
Yaş 34 yaş
Meslek materials engineer

Hakkında Pedro

I am brazilian and passionate about travelling, so as my wife Elisa. This was a good result that an internship in Europe did to us. We found out about 9 flats googling for short period rentals. We still a young couple without kids although we hope to transmit to them, once we have them, this will of knowing cultures, meeting people and travelling a round the world.

Pedro kullanıcısının konukluğu hakkındaki yorumlar

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    Mavilde 5.0 10.02.2015

    Pedro e a seus acompanhantes são realmente uma família fantástica. Honestos e muito agradáveis mesmo. Francamente recomendaria esta família a 100%.

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    Ludmilla 5.0 05.01.2015

    Pedro and his wife are very nice people.It was a pleasure to meet them and to discuss with them.I hope that tey enjoy their stay in Paris and in Reims.

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