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Şehir Lisbon
Yaş 32 yaş
Meslek Engineer

Hakkında Nuno

Love the life you live, live the life you love!!! :D Travelling, photography, engineering, volunteering and many many more things are my favourite on earth. Of course my family and my friends occupy position one in the list ahaha :) I am an adventurer, a backpacker and dreamer ... However ... I am into volunteer work as a way to change the world starting in our community and then the rest. I love to give training courses (volunteering, managing groups and non profitable organizations) and coordinate volunteer groups, discover new people, different cultures and realities. Read and watch movies/documentaries and practice sports, football, korfball, cycling and so on. I've recently travelled around the world for one year and some days, before that i've been travelling mainly in Europe and Africa. I have also co-funded a youth association now on its sixth year of activities with atictivities in participation and citizenship alongside education development. Besides all this i've worked in a hostel as public relations and a walking, fado and beach tour guide. So there is plenty to tell and plenty to hear while having funny moments, visiting amazing places and much more in this beautiful city that i love :)

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    Marvin 5.0 24.09.2014

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    Marvin 5.0 24.09.2014

    Nuno was very friendly, funny and charming. He gave us some good advices for the city. All together the perfect host!!!

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