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Şehir Torino
Meslek impiegato

Hakkında Mattia

I'm a man in love with his city that has ever been a beautiful city for it's stucture and architecture but in the last 15 years has become a mature European and tourist town. I like the mediterranean sea and the seaside itself. That's maybe because I spent my first 15 years of vacations in my grandfather's all made of granite house in a beautiful little fishermen's village in the Isola d'Elba: almost 3 summer months every year. I think this gave me a sort of imprinting. I like playing with my childreen Zeno (5 years) and Gilda (3years) and I consider myself a child a little too. I belive there's one and only god and that his name is David Foster Wallace, my favourite writer. "Hi, David. How are you doing up there? Please do something impossible: make a great writer out of me or, at least, a writer!". I love reading and I can't absoulely live without books. I like eating and cooking too and tasting different cooking cultures. I like playing with Lego. Hope to see you soon, Mattia

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