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    Arzu 1.0 01.11.2015

    I could not go myself for check out this morning and my husband went to the property and gave the deposit back. After they left we realized that they broke the double bed (the piece which supports the bed under neat) and they throw the broken piece away, so we could not even fix it.

    There is a closed in the bedroom and one side is locked. I keep there the spare towels and bed linen. They broke the door and they took some bed linen out. And I told them to call me if they need anything, but they preferred to break the door of the closed.
    I am missing a big plate (for fruit), it was on the kitchen table. I think they throw it away because I could not even find the pieces.
    I was trying to help them with everything. I waited for them by arrival almost two hours till they arrive. And they could check out later on their departure morning. this is not fai I learned a lesson after this.

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