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    Lula 1.0 27.07.2014

    Do not rent to Lukas: he is SO young, he can not understand that a LOFT is a single space house. And, he will insist to smoke weed in the house. He is better off in a hotel or a student dorm where the standards are low, where the neighbours do not care if marihuana smells comes from the house, or noise, and where Lukas can can do whatever he wants with the other student kids he brings with him!
    Lofts for sale (these are in the cheapest bad district), SINGLE space:


    " UNpartioned floor...." (means a SINGLE space with no extra rooms), copy pasted from:

    In short, Lukas is an uneducated guy- expect a low education and understanding level from his side, when you take him into your place.

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