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Şehir New York
Meslek Musician

Hakkında Luca

I am professional musician, i travel the world and when i do you get to stay in my cool apartment in the hearth of Harlem NYC. You can only enjoy! cheers

Luca kullanıcısının mekanları hakkındaki yorumlar

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    caron 4.0 13.08.2015

    Whilst I loved staying in Harlem, I have to say it is not for the nervous traveller. My husband felt anxious about the place and there were some very lively goings on in the area! If you want a taste of America that is more authentic then this is a gritty place to visit. I probably wouldn't take my 7 year old son again. But I would return - some very good people around - lots of shouting and arguing too! Interesting experience.

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Luca kullanıcısının ev sahipliği hakkındaki yorumlar

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    caron 5.0 13.08.2015

    Luca, is very welcoming and helpful. Good communications when required. I would definitely rent from him again. Very trustworthy.

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