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Arkadaş olarak ekle
Şehir thessaloniki
Meslek food reviewer in my spare time, otherwise at leisure

Hakkında estelle

passionate about new places, food, music, and so on

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    yalcin 1.0 27.07.2014

    Estelle and her husband seem to be happy to stay with us. But appearance might be wrong sometimes.The studio is described without air conditioning. So it is surprising for me to read Mrs Estelle was surprised by the lack of A/C. On the other hand the space cleaning charge has not been designed only and only for Mrs. Estelle but for all our guests. And we pay an extreme attention to the cleanliness of our spaces. So I am much more astonished by the comments of Mrs. Estelle since I have asked each time I saw her if everything was alright and she did reply "yes".
    I am not pretending to have the best place on earth but I am trying to be as honest as I can especially when I do talk with people. On the other hand Mrs. Estelle does not seem perturbed by pretending everything is fine and then writing she was not happy at all. Next time I advise her to book a 150E space and writing about what was missing.

    I would strongly not recommend to any 9flats owner to welcome Mrs. Estelle

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