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Şehir Zürich
Yaş 36 yaş
Meslek Landschaftsarchitekt

Hakkında Christoph

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Christoph kullanıcısının konukluğu hakkındaki yorumlar

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    Lula 1.0 13.07.2014

    Christoph Abt gave us the names of 12 persons who would visit in the house (while the booking was for 9p) which did raise eyebrows. At arrival we only met 7p (2 vans) and we quickly figured out that the last 2p were in the 3rd white van most probably with persons no. 10, 11 and 12 (as neighbours told us). We decided to leave it at that, as this was a group in their twenties and the group had 1 person with them with Astma, and they expected us to arrange 'hospital grade cleaning' (for the Astma person) which we would love to have organized, if only we were informed in advance about the astma condition.

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