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Jozsefvaros, popüler evler

5.0 (2)
Brand New Central - Free WiFi
0 kişi bu ev sahibinin evinde konakladı
Kişi sayısı 4
ilk fiyat $65 gece ​​başına
CollectionAninda Rezervazyon
Luxus Appartement im Zentrum
4.037 kişi bu ev sahibinin evinde konakladı
Kişi sayısı 6
ilk fiyat $65 gece ​​başına
Placeholder_place_img_290Aninda Rezervazyon
Budapest-Appartement im Zentrum
5.027 kişi bu ev sahibinin evinde konakladı
Kişi sayısı 4
ilk fiyat $54 gece ​​başına

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  • Placeholder_user_img_60
    4.0 28.08.2016

    Nice place, fully equipped as written in the description (computer, two huge TVs, a smaller TV, satellite TV, 2 game computers, waterbeds). It's worth to mention the kitchen separately, which is fully equipped with kitchen utensils and all kinds of electrical kitchen equipment. The host is friendly and reacts quickly to inquiries. Place is clean.

    What doesn't become clear from the description, is that one bedroom can only be reached by going through the other. Also, it does have two bedrooms, but no living room (however, it does have a big kitchen/eating room).

    Another thing worth mentioning is that the apartment only has windows to the inner courtyard of the house (except for the kitchen). This makes the apartment pretty dark and hard to air (because the air in the courtyard is not moving).

    The apartment is close to the city center and very close to bigger shops and a market, as well as public transport. The neighborhood is not so good, with people sleeping on the streets.

    Linda gözden geçirildi Luxus Appartement im Zentrum içinde Jozsefvaros
  • Placeholder_user_img_60
    5.0 12.10.2014

    Interesting building with great panoramic view over Budapest. We would rent this place again any time

    Markus gözden geçirildi PANORAMAFLAT-spacious downtown apt. içinde Jozsefvaros

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