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К сожалению, нам не удалось найти это место на карте



Город fort collins, colorado, usa
Профессия electrical engineer

О thomas

My wife Helen and I are both originally from Indiana in the central US. We've lived in Fort Collins, Colorado for most of the last 25 years, except for a brief stint in Half-Moon Bay, California. We have two kids, Joel (22) and Sidney (19). Joel graduated from Colorado College and Columbia and has just started work with Fairchild Semi in Portland, Maine. Sidney is in school, studying medicine. Helen and I both went to Purdue University, studying engineering. I've worked for HP, Agilent, Micron, and now Avago Technologies. Helen works at the local university (Colorado State), and plays tennis. I played and coached soccer (football), and we were both rock climbers at one time.

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