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Город Cardiff
Возраст 27 лет
Профессия Studying illustration at Cardiff Metrapolitan University

О Rollo

I was born in London and lived in France for eleven years then my family and I moved back to England. I am now studying illustration at university in Cardiff and have just joined the Territorial Army. I hope to join the regular army as an officer after I have finished my studies. I enjoy art and literature as well as model collecting, sports and computer gaming. The reason I signed up to 9flats is so that I could take my best friend to Cologne as a 21st birthday present. I also feel that homes feel safer than hotels and that is important when you are visiting a country for the first time. It also means that we can cook or go out depending on how we feel instead of having no choice at all and you can't get that kind of freedom with other accomadation choices.

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