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О Berit

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Оценки гостя Berit

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    Aki 1.0 05/06/2014

    The guests arrived in time, actually a bit early, I was still cleaning the apartment when they arrived. They were friendly but demanding. Unfortunately the previous guest who checked out on the same day, took one set of keys, so I only had one for this couple. I promised to copy one more and give it to them, so I did.
    I regularly fill up the wine stock directly from the best wineries of the area. I do not make any profit on this, it is only an extra.
    They drank 3 bottles but forgot to leave the price of them.
    I asked in email to send the money after they left. Berit answered that they do not want to pay for them, because they had to clean the fringe. The fringe was not dirty, but it is true that I left an almost full bottle of Zubrovka (best polish vodka), they cleaned that and only left the empty bottle.
    The bikes are also an extra amenity for the apartment. They are not brand new but good and free.
    The reaction of Berit and the very negative review is pathetic.

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