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The apartment
\nAttractive and modern decorated
1-bedroom apartment in the Eastern District located on the first floor, conveniently
close to the Oosterpark.

\nThe living room
\nThe Dapper Market Apartment living room features a large flat screen TV with\nDVD
player, dining table and comfortable sofa.


The kitchen
\nThe open plan designer kitchen is equipped with a four pit stove, microwave-oven
and dishwasher.


The bedroom
\nThe cozy bedroom comes
with a comfortable double bed, which make you feel\ncomfortable at night.



\nThe attractive bathroom consists of a shower, toilet and
wash machine
\nServices and facilities:






\nFair-trade Max Havelaar

\nThe bath linen we use is made of Fair-trade cotton. Fair-trade
cotton is cotton that is produced durable without any insecticides in developing
countries. By paying an honest price to local farmers the environment of those who
are directly involved is improved step by step.
\nWe always keep looking
for new ways to contribute to a better environment.

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