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Hello fellow travelers, and thanks for stopping by!

I live in a 1BR apartment in Sunnyside, Queens. Best part, the number 7 train is 1/2 block from my apartment, and it runs 24/7. Times Square is just 15 minutes away!

The living room, where guests sleep, accommodates two people (three at most, which would involve someone sleeping on the couch). In total, I have one queen and two twin sized airbeds, which means I'd either setup a queen sized bed or two twins per stay. Please note that the price is set per person per night, not just per night!

Guest may absolutely cook in the kitchen (save some money verses eating out!) and store food in the fridge during their stay. Clean linens and towels will definitely be provided! The bathroom is NOT in my bedroom so no need to 'sneak' pass me in the morning to get ready for the day. :)

Last, but surely not least, you might be interested in knowing upfront whether or not you'll get your own set of keys. The answer is yes, you'll get your own set.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.